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Suardjaja Tjahja (Bing)

Suardjaja, fondly known as ‘Bing’, is a dedicated and passionate realtor. He is natural at managing, negotiating and relating to clients and understands what it takes to get the job done. His most valuable assets are his diligent, observant and perseverance. He is attentive to even the smallest, fine detail and takes a hands-on approach to everything he does. Bing is always willing to go the extra mile for you. He injects enthusiasm into all that he does whilst upholding integrity to satisfy customer. Bing is a hard worker and will go out of his way to ensure every sales of the property has the best possible outcome.

Bing has a double Master degree: Master of Industrial Engineering in the United States of America as well as Master of Business Systems with Monash University, Australia. His experience of running his own businesses has given him not only a better understanding of residential and commercial spaces but also the possible complications that may arise. Bing is committed to use all of his in-depth knowledge and expertise to provide the very best experience specifically for you.

Bing is excited to work alongside you to achieve the best possible results. He is energised and only one call away.

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